Poem: Where the Wasteland Ends (a beginning)

Where the Wasteland Ends
a beginning)

The distractions of the ten million things
the chaotic consumer’s life
dominant systems oppressing
sufferings of this world
dark nights of the soul

No wonder we lose our bearings
our self and our very being
lost in the wastelands of post-modern society
quagmired in ideology, isolationism, technocracy
longing for our truth, authenticity, belonging

Where does the wasteland end
but right here and right  now
in our very breath, our very bones
in our center and our grounding
doing the work, self transformation

Our beginning, our Breath, our Life Force
mindfully aware isolate the breath
rising, falling, filling, flowing
slowly, deeply, focused concentration
the diaphragm, lungs, nostrils expanding, contracting  

Within our Body, our core
standing, planting our feet on the Earth
tilting pelvis forward, opening sacrum,  lengthening
through the core, opening chest, stacking bones
aligning coccyx, sacrum, vertebrae, neck, head, crown

Centering our being with the Universe
one with the Great Cosmos of
eternal time and space, energy flows
wholeness of Body, Mind, and Spirit
Creation, Creating, Creator

Grounding with our Earth Home
the Body electric, conducing
sharing our myths and stories
beings of community, authentically belonging
true to our Self, walking one another Home

Datta. Dayadhvam. Damyata.
Shantih Shantih Shantih
Tat Tvam Asi

here and now we begin

Herb Stone 
here&now working poetry
December 16, 2019

Notes: the poem title is from a book by the same
name by Theodore Roszak; the first two lines of the
last stanza are from The Wasteland by T.S.
Elliot and are Sanskirt; the last stanza translates
as ‘giving, compassionate, self aware; peace, peace,
peace; thou art that’


Photo by Herb Stone

Poem: Juxtaposition: The Alpha and the Omega

Juxtaposition: The Alpha and the Omega

Archangel Gabriel, standing in the presence of God,
assuring Zacharias and Mary, in heaven’s glow

The Christ child  lying in the manger swaddled against the cold
Mary and Joseph  exhausted from heavenly and earthly claims

No time to rest, soon to flee from state-sponsored terrorism
and the tyranny of King Herod fearing the news of this innocent’s birth

Unfolding, the theophany of the Cosmic Christ, both human and divine,
witnessing in community birth, baptism, transfiguration, ministry

Soon, the long shadows of the oppressor  Empire, portend the coming
death sentence and state crucifixion of this nonviolent revolutionary

This one who in violent death and suffering on the cross, was buried,
descended into hell, rose again, and on the third day resurrected 

Ascending, putting the last enemy death, under foot,
“the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End”

Reigning fire of the Spirit down upon all humankind
“Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the age”

The Cosmic Christ, come down to us that we may know eternal love
who came, who comes now in our midst, and who comes again

The Parousia, the Omega Point, the Christ Consciousness
a great spiraling, transcending and including, unifying in Christ eternal 

Beloveds, God does not want us to suffer and is always with us in our suffering,
healing through our earthly wounds, know thine own true self, authentically belonging

Herb Stone
here & now working poetry
December 12, 2019

*Biblical scripture in quotes above

Photo by Herb Stone