Manifesto: Free Souls of Earth Home Unite in Kin-dom!

Manifesto: Free Souls of Earth Home Unite in Kin-dom!

Free Souls of Earth Home unite!
in the radical grace, radical love, and radical healing
of the Universal Cosmic Christ (the diverse inclusivity of all),
together we shall break the chains of bondage
to the Great Lie of humanity’s depravement

Free of any worldly Empire or tyrant,
their apologists, bullies, and toadies,
and their systems of domination that operate
in the falsity of power, control, and violence
we live dispersed over the planet

We the diaspora far from our ancestral Homes
will know one another by our conscious being
of doing the hard work of inner transformation
and the disciplined outer practice of
radical grace, radical love, and radical healing for all

Scattered about in the deserts, wild places,
hamlets, and metropolis, we come together in the creative
consciousness of our imaginations and direct knowing as
expressed in creativity of art, writing, music, crafts,
and in our shared grace, love, and healing with all beings

Beloveds, in our solitude and our communion,
coming and going as authentic beings of Self truth,
perfectly imperfect, shadows and light, despair and hope,
coming together in diverse, inclusive, welcoming, safe
authentic communities of belonging

We are the free souls of Earth Home,
actualizing our being of Self truth in authentic community,
the architects, builders, settlers, stakeholders, and creatives
of the alternative kin-dom, thus joined together, eternally,
let our purpose begin here and now

Peace, Shalom, Shanti , Pax

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
January 3, 2019

Night Desert Sky- unattributed
Wilderness Cabin and Milky Way – Casey Homer, Upsplash
Provence Village – unattributed
London at Night – Vincent La Foret
Solitude in the Forrest – Dustin Scarpittim Upsplash

Poem: Beloveds, Welcome to The House of Authentic Belonging and Holistic Healing for Wounded and Traumatized Souls 

Beloveds, Welcome to The House
of Authentic Belonging and Holistic Healing
for Wounded and Traumatized Souls 

The winter’s cold, icy winds 

blow down the streets and alleys

where, once again, I find myself

ill-prepared for its raw sting,

wandering weary, challenged, a soul

wounded in the chaos of this world

Inundated with platitudes, hubris,

glory, triumphalism, denial

and indifference to pathos, suffering,

tragedy, lack of empathy and

compassion, relationships of 

personality and raw oppressive power


Disengaging, taking absence,

seeking solitude with the soul and self

and its shadows, alternating  searing self 

inventory and quiet contemplation of the soul,

hoping to glean some kernel, dredge up some small

grain, salvage a bit of flotsam, discover lost treasure

This self work in solitude, now alien in 

 our society of doing and having it all,

 being always engaged and on the run for more,

 one risk being viewed as anti-social, odd, abnormal,

 mad, untrustworthy, an outsider, weird, undependable,

 at risk for loneliness and social isolation

 Yet, of course, no one deserves to be forgotten,

  the outsider only wants to be accepted for themselves,

  we must all return back to the community, periodically,

  in our truth to further the healing

  begun deep within, the community which helps

  define us through relationship in our wholeness

   Beloveds, let us welcome one another home,

   to the House of Authentic Belonging and Holistic 

   Healing for Wounded and Traumatized Souls 

   where we all share one another’s presence

   and absence in our truth with no threat of  exile

   and  the righteous promise of being and belonging


   Herb Stone
   here & now working poetry

   Image: Moose Creek Cabin in Alaska
  facebook_1577202034301December 23, 2019

Poem: An Advent Morn on Winter Solstice Eve

An Advent Morn On Winter Solstice Eve

On Winter Solstice eve
in the bleak mid-winter
darkness and cold grip the earth

Soon the Light of the Son
come down to a broken world
on a dirty stable floor

Emmanuel, God with us,
the Cosmic Christ come down
a babe, humble, weak, and vulnerable

Escaping from authorities, a refuge,
resisting the oppressive empire’s domination
with his message of authentic life and radical love

On this Advent morn
anticipating this coming,
healing Light of our shipwrecked souls

The Fire of the Spirit is kindled
the Light of the world returns
healing through New Life Eternally

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
December 20, 2019

Photo by Herb Stone