Reflection: God by whatever name vis-a-vis American partisan politics

Reflection: God by whatever name vis-a-vis American partisan politics

Consider this beloveds: God, by whatever name you call God, does not give a big fig about American partisan politics of either party. In the Cosmic picture your personal partisan political beliefs just are not that big a deal in any way other than they are soul killers. Only your ego makes you think they are so important which then is idolatry because you are identifying God as being like you and liking the¬†things you like (like being a Republican or Democrat) and disliking the things you dislike such as the opposite political party. Balderdash! You are defining a God much too small. According to God come down to man, the Son of Man, Jesus, and his manifest Universal Cosmic Christ consciousness, as the Son of God, God has a plan for us, and it was Jesus mission as taught through the Gospel message which involves the singular politics of God’s kin-dom (Kingdom) vis-a-vis the human Empires of this earth. God’s kin-dom plan opposes the partisan, divisive, oppressive politics of the Empire of man and is, in fact, an alternative community vision of man grounded in neighborliness, radical grace, and radical love for one another. And Jesus, the Universal Cosmic Christ, manifested this vision on earth and taught this lesson in the ‘good news’ of his Gospel message expressed so well in the Beatitudes, his highest commandment, the Sermon on the Mount, and his teaching of the disciples to pray. God’s politics is neither personal nor partisan; quite the contrary it is universal bringing all together for the good of all beings. Get over your small self and the Truth will set us all free!

Herb Stone
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September 17, 2020


quote: “…..he only rests when the suffering of others ends.”

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credo: for prophets, disciples, mystics, outsiders, resisters, activist, and creatives

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