poem: days, seasons/self, divine/community, cosmos

poem: days, seasons/self, divine/community, cosmos

arising early, the new day,
in pitch black darkness
the cold in my bones
silence surrounds me

the earth under
a blanket of ice and snow,
winter’s last gasp
before spring’s riot

in this season of self-introspection,
reflecting on this age of
spiritual greed and idolatrous self-serving
confronting difficult truths and personal discomfort,

longing for a more wholesome
footing with the Divine
Beloveds, the Spirit as close
as our next breath,

breath in, breath out,
inhale ‘Yah’, exhale ‘weh’
softening our hearts,
forsaking worldly rewards,

longing for Authentic Community together,
being as One in Divine Cosmic Consciousness
lighting the fire of the vital Life Force,
we are all just sojourners here walking one another Home

that thou art
rising, opening, sitting
upon the Lotus Throne of the
Divine Heart of the Cosmos

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
February, 20, 2021

photos by Herb Stone

(reader’s note: written during the great
Winter Storm of late February 2021)

haiku: sign of my birth

Being that today is my 73rd birthday, I wrote this haiku in an effort to find some thread through all the years and answer the question of what has brought me here and now.

haiku: sign of my birth

under Pisces born
at the end of long winter
Earth child, Mystic heart

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
February 21, 2021

photo by Herb Stone
‘The Warm Heart of Winter Buddha’

(reader’s note: Born a Pisces
in the age of Pisces, February
is a raw, bitter cold, icy snow,
muddy month when our minds
long for Spring. I am aware of
the signs influences on me,
Earth lover, Cosmic being,
Creative soul longing for the
Divine that unites it all in
a story I am always trying to

poem: one can not serve two masters

poem: one can not serve two masters

to what dominant influence
are you captive
to what master has your life
become like chattel

is your master
fear, greed, envy,
pride, desire, wrath,
power, control, domination

or is your master
grace, love, Self truth,
wholeness, mutuality, healing,
belonging, Cosmic consciousness

who are we,
what is our purpose,
what is our life’s meaning,
what is it we intend to create here

mind your surroundings,
what are you receiving
with open hands and
on what do you stand

truth, beauty, and goodness
or falsity, repulsiveness, and depravity,
what is it you intend to create
on this Earth with this one, wild life

that which is not transformative
for the personal and collective good
is transmitted as suffering from
person to person and generation to generation

choose to be the change
the world needs and
apply yourself through
disciplined practice benefiting all beings

dedicate yourself to
creative expression which
sets all free, liberates, and
connects all in kinship and belonging

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
February 4, 2021

Art images:

1) Harry Sternberg, ‘Fascism’

2) Kate Deciccio, ‘Amanda Gorman, American Poet’

(reader’s note: gratitude to those who have
influenced me and whose influence is
flowing through this poem: Jesus, the Christ,
from his sermon on the mound found in the Gospel
of Mark, Gary Zukav, Mary Oliver, Richard Rohr,
Maya Angelo, and Mark Nepo)

Reflection: My amazing wife Cathey and her visit to see me in Rome in 1971

Reflection: My amazing wife Cathey and her visit to see me in Rome in 1971

I met Cathey when I was at home in Nashville on leave from the Army in December 1970 on a blind date arranged by mutual friends. We spent two weeks getting to know one another, and when I returned to my post in Italy, we stayed in touch through letters and phone calls. As I was assigned to a worldwide digital and telecommunications center, I was able to call Cathey through military switchboards in the U.S. who would patch us through.

After meeting, it was soon decided that Cathey would come to Italy to visit me that summer in 1971. She was a single woman living on her own and working when we met. So in order to buy airline tickets to Italy, she worked a second job and saved the necessary funds for the trip.

When she arrived, I met her at the airport in Rome, and we stayed in a small pensione in Rome for a week visiting all the sights including the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Vatican and more. Then we jumped in my Triumph TR4 and headed north up the Mediterranean Sea to Tirrenia on the Ligurian Sea near my Army base. From there we explored the surrounding areas of Pisa, Firenze, and Viareggio. Here we ate fresh seafood in the outdoor cafes near the beaches on warm evenings, drank cappuccinos at the cafe across from the Leaning Tower, which we climbed, and saw the great museums and art in Firenzi. One evening a bunch of us went to the Trocadero Nightclub in Viareggio for a night of listening to King Crimson’s music accompanied by a psychedelic light show. A wild time!

Cathey stayed for several weeks before she had to return home and her work. We drove back to the airport in Rome, and I held her long and we kissed, and then she was gone. When I returned home following my Army discharge later that year in September, we reunited and we married two months later in November 1971. This year, 2021, we will celebrate our 50 year anniversary! Cathey is an amazing woman and wife who captivated me from the day we met and forever more.

poem: ode to our nation on inauguration day 2021


poem: ode to our nation on inauguration day 2021

today our nation
inaugurates our 46th.
president and vice president
Joe and Kamala
who feel like family
Papa and Auntie

after the past four years
of a president and his administration
bullying its’ citizens
undermining our rights
eroding our democracy
empowering domestic terrorist
cutting off world allies
causing death and confusion in a pandemic
and leading an insurrection
we citizens of good conscience
find some relief and optimism again

fellow Americans
let us come together
in confession, repentance, and reconciliation
healing one another and our nation
that we will finally do the hard work
of forming a more perfect union together

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
January 20, 2021
Inauguration Day

Photo credits: Vox, AP, AFP