poem: thinking of God as compared to knowing God (a repost of my original poem from September 2019)

Poem: Thinking of God as Compared to Knowing God
Sitting in church on Sunday
the great gathering of believers:
the woman with a pistol in her purse,
the espoused white supremacist family man,
the patriarchal church elder who fears gays
All believing Jesus is their personal savior,
who looks like them,
likes and dislikes the same people as they,
and judges all as to the meritocracy of heaven
which is not here and not now
What bad theology,
what past dogma or creed,
what misreading and poor preaching,
what age-old council of churchmen
has brought them all to this small, limited God
Yes these gathered souls
think of God rather than experience God
distracted by the ten million things that separate us
many of which have been elevated to idolatry
including personal power, control, and violence
How have we reduced God to being so small and limited
how has God’s awe inspiring presence and love
escaped our experience of each moment,
this God who is as close as our next breath
and limitless as the great Cosmos spinning about
Creator of the Cosmos, breath of our lives,
our Beloved and beloved of God,
the Universal Christ of grace, love, and our only true hope
for authentic community in our true diversity
in the anti-empire, anti-dominant system of kin-dom
Unless and until one turns out towards and enters into
the Universal Christ mystery and opens to its’ radical
consciousness that rewires each of us on the physical, cellular,
neurological, and spiritual levels, Christianity will remain

a personal cerebral exercise rather than Eternal Life together as Beloveds

Herb Stone
here & now working poetry
September, 2019
images “Eye of the Universe” from Hubble Telescope
and “Guns in Church” unattributed

quote: “….to bear witness to the true truth….”

Reflection: When our silence is betrayal

Reflection: When our silence is betrayal

Sometimes we are tempted to stay silent about the things that really matter in life like love, grace, liberty, social justice, mercy, compassion, human rights, truth, beauty, goodness, community, out of our own personal comfort, pride, benefit, selfishness.

In this personal silence we are betraying the other, the marginalized and oppressed, and those deemed unworthy by the dominant culture of power, control, possession, and violence.

And we betray the Holy Spirit, the Breath of Life (Vita in Spiritu) that is always moving, uplifting, and life giving and as close to us as our very next breath.

Truth, beauty, and goodness is ground under the Empire’s boot heel in the complicity of our silence!

Break the silence here and now 💓

Herb Stone, here&now working poetry


poem: the one triune divine nature

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art images
The Holy Trinity, Andri Rublev
Dancers, unattributed
Sufi Dancer, Gull C
Bramha, Vishnu, Shiva statue
The Trinity, Father John Giuliani
Buddhist Trinity, statue
Cosmic Consciousness, unattirbuted