Poem: Appalachian Trail Existential Journey

Poem: Appalachian Trail Existential Journey
Rising up early dawn
breaking camp, packing up
driving VW Beetle up twisting road to Fontana
hiking across the dam to the trail head
drudging up the long, wet, steep, winding trail
breaking wilderness calm
seeping water down the slate side mountain
drinking bees in the hot sun light
stretching away the peaceful green valley far below
going to the trail fork
slipping down the steep, overgrown, wet path on our bottoms
descending to the tailwaters’ edge
settling in a damp, earthy spot exhausted
falling asleep before sundown
awakening to the Great Void
experiencing such all encompassing darkness
experiencing such all encompassing silence
experiencing such all encompassing harmonic flow
cosmic being in the universe; Tat Tvam Asi
Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
June, 1974
(reader’s note: I wrote this poem in 1974 shortly after our hike on the Appalachian Trail near Fontana Village, North Carolina in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Shortly after this, Cathey Stone’s beloved Yellow VW Beetle sadly broke down never to be revived. She still misses that car πŸ˜‰)

reflection: spirituality and faith

poem: thinking of God as compared to knowing God (a repost of my original poem from September 2019)

Poem: Thinking of God as Compared to Knowing God
Sitting in church on Sunday
the great gathering of believers:
the woman with a pistol in her purse,
the espoused white supremacist family man,
the patriarchal church elder who fears gays
All believing Jesus is their personal savior,
who looks like them,
likes and dislikes the same people as they,
and judges all as to the meritocracy of heaven
which is not here and not now
What bad theology,
what past dogma or creed,
what misreading and poor preaching,
what age-old council of churchmen
has brought them all to this small, limited God
Yes these gathered souls
think of God rather than experience God
distracted by the ten million things that separate us
many of which have been elevated to idolatry
including personal power, control, and violence
How have we reduced God to being so small and limited
how has God’s awe inspiring presence and love
escaped our experience of each moment,
this God who is as close as our next breath
and limitless as the great Cosmos spinning about
Creator of the Cosmos, breath of our lives,
our Beloved and beloved of God,
the Universal Christ of grace, love, and our only true hope
for authentic community in our true diversity
in the anti-empire, anti-dominant system of kin-dom
Unless and until one turns out towards and enters into
the Universal Christ mystery and opens to its’ radical
consciousness that rewires each of us on the physical, cellular,
neurological, and spiritual levels, Christianity will remain

a personal cerebral exercise rather than Eternal Life together as Beloveds

Herb Stone
here & now working poetry
September, 2019
images “Eye of the Universe” from Hubble Telescope
and “Guns in Church” unattributed

Reflection: the alternative neighborly community vis-a-vis the world as we have been taught

Reflection: Creator God come down to us and walked this Earth prophesying, resisting, and teaching about our world and providing us the alternative neighborly community of the kin-dom plan grounded in diversity and inclusivity of live together in grace, love, and peace

we must understand that while Jesus was a person of grace, peace, and love, and a healer, he also was an anti-Imperialist who protested, resisted, and acted against the dominate political and religious systems of oppression and their power, control, and violence

let us walk each other to this true home, authentically belonging together πŸ’“

Richard Rohr says this well in his quote: