Poem: When I Call You Friend

Friend is an important word
In my lexicon
Friend is imbued with the qualities
Of truth and authenticity and trust

Friends share their truth and healing
Friends are given, not chosen
Friends give value to our survival
Friends are forever no matter the gap

When I call you friend
It is unconditionally
When I call you friend
We are empathically available

Calling one another friend
Relating as friends
Belonging in communities as friends
Walking one another home as friends

Friend is an important word to me
One of gravitas and gratefulness
One filled with life and love
Dearest friends I call to you

Herb Stone ©
here&now working poetry
May, 2019

Photo, Friends Soaking Feet in Draper Coastal Dune Lake, with Cathey, by Herb Stone

2 thoughts on “Poem: When I Call You Friend”

  1. This is so lovely, Herb. I will appreciate it that much more now when you call me friend.

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