Poem: Doing the Work of Waking Up (as if our lives depend on it)

Old man sitting in the coastal dune lake estuary doing the work of awakening by grace through practice of the age old principles

Prologue to my poem (below): Lamenting the times in which we live, I offer this awareness. Only by choosing the spiritual practices and age old principles that guide them, may one free their mind from the self-socio-cultural illusions of their reality this freeing peoples to come together as True Selves authentically belonging in community. We are talking the age old practices and principles of exile, death, resurrection, authentic belonging.

Poem: Doing the Work of Waking Up
(as if our lives depend on it)

Impermanence and change
is our human experience

Arising and falling away
our reality in tension

The unchecked mind lurging
this way and that a rider-less chariot

The ego self, in it’s fear,
clinging to comfort, avoiding risk

Thoughts’ seed and fruits’ action
is where our suffering begins a Buddha said

Thus practicing spiritual discipline
embracing spiritual principles of the ages

Learning non-attachment/non-aversion
Opens mindfulness of seed thought and fruit action

From contaminated consciousness arises
awareness of the self-socio-cultural illusion

Seeing our predicament
now bringing mindfulness and intention to bear

One may become the botanist and gardener
sowing the new seed and reaping the new fruits

The True Self can be harvested
now mastering the tensions and illusions within

True Self manifesting equanimity
equanimity manifesting wholeness

Wholeness, compassion
compassion, loving kindness

Loving kindness,  self/other healing
self/other healing, authentic belonging

Thus free of illusions, liberated souls
remembering all life Divine and acts sacred

Personally and collectively, whole again
true selves, authentically relating

One with the Cosmic Universal Creator Christ
walking each other home together

Here and now our heaven on earth
in the grace of a loving God we gather

Beloveds, doing the work of waking up
(as if our lives depend on it)

Herb Stone, here&now working poetry, August, 2019





Poem: Neat Little Boxes

Poem: Neat Little Boxes

The neat little boxes 
Of our lives
Hide their confinement

And the norm
Not asking much

Citizens of the Empire
Charity for the poor
Protest by the rules
Tribalism and its’ silo
Institutional religion
Politics of extremes
Retributive justice
Rote learning

We are rearranging 
The deck chairs
Prisoners redecorating
The prison

Wake Up
Tear down the dividing walls
Busting out

Be true unto thine Self
See your visions
Dream your dreams


Listen friend

“You will know the truth
And the truth will set you free”

“No one is free
Until all are free”

“The revolution 
Will not be televised”

– Herb Stone, here&now working poetry, April, 2019

Grateful for the freedom quotes of Saint John, the Apostle, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Gil Scott Heron

Art, Cube Head, by Emma Rojas

Cube Head by Emma Rojas

Poem: Our Collective Failure: Mass Shootings (Let Us Now Speak Plainly)

After another week of mass shootings
bereft in grief and lamentations

This much I know is true dear Beloveds
collectively we are failing one another

As we watch the Empire’s* quickening march
its’ white nationalism, racism, terrorism

White nationalism, the ideological power
of ageless greed of white, land owning men 

White racism, the socially constructed
web of lies meant to control the ‘unworthy others’ 

And the terrorism of the alienated who in their
fear lash out in their violence of losing control

We sit stunned as mass shootings play out
across our screens every night, helpless

Scapegoating those others as being the problem
thus escaping any personal guilt or responsibility

Succumbing to the belief that everything
must be solved by the hubris of politicians

Dear Beloveds, nothing will change until
each of us look deep within our own inner darkness

Opening to transformation of our hearts and minds
to the lies of Empires’ nationalism, racism, terrorism

We are living the lies of a nightmare of our making
and we each must wake up and die to its’ lies 

Doing the hard work of dismantling Empire
through action, reconciliation, and reparations

That which we are up against, the dragon’s heart
of darkness, the monolith of death, ourselves

Will require revoluntionary courage from our most
deeply, truest Self together in authentic community 

The lies of the ages and its’ culture of death
must now be replaced  with truth of Eternal Life together

Herb Stone, here&now working poetry, August, 2019

* I use the word ‘Empire’ to signify the historical
political construct of imperial sovereignty, rule,
and dominion which are based in maintaining power
and control at all costs for those deemed worthy thus
always resorting eventually to violence of the ‘unworthy other’.
Such Empires are timeless in their existence from the earliest
Akkadian Empire, through the Roman Empires,
to more recent Empires including the fascist state of
Nazism, up to the present day populist fascist regimes flourishing
and particularly the current fascist regime
of the president
of the U.S. which threatens to end our nation’s embryonic
which faces so many unanswered challenges.